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Edgewood Athletic Association

Astro Division


The Astro league is a 7 and 8 years old league, with consideration given to some 6 year olds.  This league is a fun, instructional but yet competitive league designed to advance the player’s skills and prepare them for the next step.  This league introduced players to pitching through 2 inning of player pitch.  Fields are age appropriate and the rules are designed to protect, but not over load the players.  This is one of Edgewood’s largest leagues, with up to 20 teams.

- Games consist of 6 innings with a time limit of 1:45 minutes

- 4 balls = Walk; 3 strikes = Strikeout

- First 2 innings kids pitch from 40 feet

- After 4 walks coach will be allowed to pitch to remaining batters

- Last 4 innings coach will pitch

- No walks allowed during these innings

- 3 outs per inning, maximum of 6 runs an inning

- 10 fielders per inning, 12-13 players per team

- 40 feet // pitching distance : 55 feet // base path
-All bats must be stamped with USA bat stamp regardless of the barrel size

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